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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In today’s online world, consumers and users find websites and products by searching with Google or other search engines. The results of the search will display several matches to the inputted keywords in a page format called search engine results page (SERP). Using search engine optimization services will ensure that your website will be displayed prominently in the SERP and therefore will be immediately visible to the consumers and users. And once search results display your website link at the top or close to the top of the SERP, the user is more likely to click it than a link at the bottom of the SERP. Clicking on your website link on the SERP will bring a visitor or perhaps a paying customer, to your website. Therefore, simply put, search engine optimization maximizes the visibility of your online content and generates the maximum internet traffic to your website.

Types of internet traffic

The word ‘traffic’ in the internet world comprises of different components. What the search optimization focuses on is increasing “organic traffic” to your website. Organic traffic is also referred to as “free traffic” or “natural traffic” which is generated by inputting keywords in different major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on and then resulting in the user clicking on the links to reach your website, versus “paid traffic” which is generated by advertisement and other paid features.

Customized search optimization

Every business or website is unique. Understanding your particular business thoroughly is essential before a customized and optimized strategy can be developed for your online presence. Data relating to current search statistics, trends, and typical keywords related to your unique online content has to be first analyzed. Also the content of your website has to be examined for current deficiencies, optimization opportunities, and for ways to correctly keyword and link the material in a way to generate increased traffic. Too many keywords would be considered “keyword stuffing” while too few keywords might not register with the search engines at all. There might be a need for technical markups or additional coding. Industry analysis and review of competitors and their keywords will need to be done.

Why search optimization?

A majority of websites (over 90%) do not get any kind of traffic from search engines. And 4.5% of websites get less than 10 visits from search engines per month. The numbers make it clear that directing free traffic to your website is not easy, and does not happen automatically when a website goes online. If your website is an online business, in spite of your immense efforts, it is not likely to automatically be visible to consumers and generate much traffic from paying customers.

Factors in search optimization

Search algorithms used in engines take into consideration several factors like number of other websites linking to your website, the authority of the sites that are linking to yours, the relevance of sites linking to yours as well as anchor text using in linking. Search engines are also beginning to take into consideration social media references like Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or a Google Plus page. Blogs and keywords used in blogs also affect results. Searches are sensitive to online reviews by customers, references by associates to your company and website content. These reviews or mentions on other website and social media content are particularly useful in optimizing search results, and play a vital role in location rankings and maps.

Amazon searching (used on to search for products) is gaining importance as a search engine because of the enormous number of consumers who use Amazon to search for information about products and product reviews..

With increasing mobile bandwidth, local search optimization is also becoming crucial to any business. It is estimated that mobile traffic will soon exceed traditional desktop traffic. This has opened up lots of new and different search strategies such as local search optimization.

Another new area of search optimization is voice searching. Instead of typing keywords, users will soon be saying keywords. By the year 2020, it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be using voice technology. This is completely different from other methods of searching and will require an entirely new optimization strategy.

Search optimization and other marketing services

Navigating this constantly changing and challenging world of digital marketing is best left to professionals. Today, there are many companies offering different services that can aid with marketing of your brand. In addition to search optimization, other services usually offered that aid in online marketing are different kinds of advertising, including social media advertising, help with website design and conversions, and email marketing.

SEO services are relatively cost-effective compared to other methods of online marketing like email marketing or social media marketing. Although combining those other strategies are necessary to form an overall online marketing strategy, generating organic traffic to your site is still the core of any online business or website, and this what search optimization does best.

Sometimes these marketing services are not cheap, but considering how essential they are to building a customer base, company branding and maintaining growth, the services should be considered as a necessity for the business. The businesses that do not include them might find themselves out maneuvered and eventually out of business. They are certainly necessary to assist in pushing past stagnation plateaus into continued growth and expansion.

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