Know your customers buying behavior and meet them where they are.

What is your customer’s buying behavior?

The ceo, procurement manager, engineer or maintenance manager who makes buying decisions is a father, husband, friend or grandparent. He searches the internet for family vacation spots, new home, new car deals, car parts, gifts, good restaurants etc. Searching the internet for what he needs is his buying behavior and he will do the same to search for suppliers and partners like you.
These are your potential customer and current customer companies decision makers. It is important to adjust to how they buy.

Your website is your business online

Your website is your company online. Yellow books are long gone. The internet has replaced old advertising and marketing methods.  Your company is your business online. What your potential customers see online is what they expect from your company.

Your company should be well represented online.  Your company’s website should be modern, engaging, informative, user-friendly and mobile-friendly.  It should represent your brand and who you serve.

Effective and cheaper way to reach your customers

Your website is a marketing and communication tool for your company. Online marketing has changed how we all speak to our customers. Compared to TV advertising, online marketing  is cheaper and it reaches a larger group of people 24 hours a day, seven days a week on their phones, computers and tablets. Millions of people spend more time on their phones, computers and tablets than they spend watching TV and better yet they carry their phones every where they go, giving you 24/7 access to them. Your customers are not any different. Position yourself where your customers are, go online!
Use the internet for marketing and save money. Contact us for consultation on how your manufacturing company can increase sales and save money by utilizing the internet. Click here to contact us.

Capabilities and services

You website needs to have detailed information on each and every capability and service your company offers. After all, what you can do and how you do it,   is the reason these customers are looking for you. If your website has not been updated in a while, this is the time to do so.
Technology used, materials, manufacturing process, quality process, end product details and production volumes are some of the things your customers  want to know right away.
Pictures are worth a thousand words. Have pictures of your end product, equipment and shop floor on your website.

Achievements and awards – a marketing advantage

You have worked hard to streamline your production process in order to produce quality products, increase production volume and comply with industry standards. You have received industry awards  and  achieved industry certifications. Don’t miss out on good business; promote these awards and certifications on your website. This is a marketing advantage, a reason for a customer to choose your company vs your competitor.

Convert the website visitor to a potential customer

Once your potential customers find your company website online, it’s time to convert their visit to a sale.

Inform them on how you can meet their need.  Use phrases they use when they are talking about your  products and services. You are talking to them, use their “lingo”.

Once they are well informed, what do you want them to do next? Do you want them to call sales?  Contact a dealer? Fill out a form? Ask for quote? Ask questions? Buy?  Your website should have simple and clear “call to action”.

Promote your company through effective communication and positioning.

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