Website Design & marketing for local businesses

You have a service or a product that you offer or want to offer to hundreds of people. You will need to market your services/ products before you can sell. Leveraging the internet is your best bet for your success.

Can your customers find your website?

First they have to find your website. How have you positioned your company’s website so that it’s easy for these customers to find you?

Is your business making a profit?

A well thought out marketing strategy, generates qualified leads which convert into sales. Sales bring in the profits. It maybe time to review your marketing and sales funnels.

Is your website user friendly and mobile friendly?

What do you want your customers to do once they land on your site?
Call to action buttons, web forms, virtual tours, images are a few ways of keeping your clients engaged on your website. The site also needs to be informative and user friendly. This is your communication and marketing tool.

Does your site show all services and products?

You website needs to have detailed information on each and every service and product your company offers. This is the reason your potential customers land on your site.

Who do they contact?

Your customers should easily contact sales, support and any other customer oriented department directly from your website.

Ashwoth East Website Design & Marketing.
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